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Are You Highly Creative?

by Brian McDermott on 07/06/11

The numbers are not in your favor...

When tested for creativity, somewhere in the neighborhood of 98 percent of 5-year-old kids score at the  highest levels. Test them five years later and about 30 percent still shine. Test the general population of adults? Sadly, less than 5 percent can still let ideas fly, according to research by George Land going back to the 60s.

A lot of the work I do helping teams change, improve and innovate comes down to getting grown-ups to act more like kids again. Be curious. Be playful. Every once in a while turn off that ever-so-adult voice in your head that makes us take things sooooo seriously all the time.

Something happens as we grow up that turns up the dial on our ability to think critically, and turns it down on the ability to entertain alternatives to the way things are usually done. That's why we break out the Playdough, Slinkies, bottles of bubbles, Mr Potato Heads, Legos... to remind people that sometimes we have to break some paradigms and let go the restraints that lock us into doing the things the way they've always been comfortably done -- and hoping for different results.

Once, we were all kids... and all creative. With a little practice it's not that hard to get back there.

This video is targeted at entrepreneurs; that's the market served by its producer (Grasshopper Group). But if you could use an inspiring reminder about believing in big things, chasing dreams... watch it. It will be two minutes and 19 seconds well spent. With a little refresher, we can all beat the odds...

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