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Can I Buy You a Think?

by Brian McDermott on 11/15/11

In the end, it's a beer commercial. It's funny. But like all good humor it carries some truth. And it triggers some useful questions. How often do I make snap judgments based on appearances, unsubstantiated first impressions, or preconceived notions, if not outright bias and prejudice. What am I missing if my vision is too narrow to see possibilities that aren't immediately obvious?

Before you watch, ask yourself, "What would I do if I walked into a movie theater where only two seats in the absolute center of the theater were vacant, and every other seat were occupied by a bunch of what appear to be intimidating characters?

I'm going to watch this again, and then in honor of the questions, sip a Carlsberg while I give them some thought. Cheers!

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P.S. Thanks to Kathe Grooms at NovaVista Publishing in Brussels for sharing this link from Belgium.

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1. Dr. Skippy said on 11/21/11 - 08:23AM
This is obviously not a commercial we are going to see in the US. It is still illegal here for liquor commercials to actually show someone drinking their products. The fear is, American youth will somehow put together the concepts of alcohol and drinking...duh.

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