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I Shook the Hand of the Enemy...

by Brian McDermott on 01/07/12

I clicked on this video because of its title -- The Power of Music. I'm sharing it because of the spoken line, "I shook the hand of the enemy."

That's what moved me. It brought to mind personal experiences, and experiences with coaching clients, when needing to be the one with "the right" answer resulted in blame and costly conquest instead of alignment and cooperation. Situations when opportunities were lost because of self-centered opposition. In this war story told by a 90-year-old veteran, a sniper puts down his weapon because of a few notes on a trumpet. The music reminded him of what really mattered in life, which reminded me how much more can be accomplished by building on the goals and beliefs we share in common than you can by simply shooting things down ... even for mortal enemies. (Email subscribers Watch Here or click the headline)

The Power of Music from Life File Videos on Vimeo.

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1. Sheila Krejci said on 1/9/12 - 06:50AM
So timely...in the last three weeks I've been reminded of REAL opportunities where 'engaging the enemy played out. In "Warhorse" where opponent meets opponent sharing a common goal briefly and again in "All Is Calm," at the Pantages Theater. This incredible story of a World War 1 Christmas truce continues to bring tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing, Brian!
2. CrowbarJoe said on 1/11/12 - 07:39PM
Brian, Where do you find these? Terrific! Forget labels like "enemy," devices like music, and let's focus on the real point: if you get people thinking about what's important to them, what they love, their minds go to a different place....

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