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Leading Change? Make It Emotional...

by Brian McDermott on 07/06/11

Along with all the bucks and kudos filmmaker James Cameron is reaping from his record-shattering movie, Avatar, he also is being credited for "emotionalizing" the world's environmental plight. Think about this...

Cameron's story about greedy business people devastating nature for profit has stirred hearts, his own and those of millions of others. There's a lesson in this perhaps-unexpected development from this giant Hollywood movie -- and in the tiny-but-also-compelling video attached -- about what it takes to lead change. If you think about it, isn't it stirred-up hearts that so often provide the inspiration, energy, creativity, and endurance people need to go make things different... to make things better?

  • Pay attention in coming months for more stories about Cameron like the one in the New York Times chronicling his crusade against the proposed Belo Monte dam project in Brazil, and watch for others to rally to this and other ecological causes... all because one man told one moving story. 
  •  After you watch this one-minute-and-twenty-nine-second video, try to convince me you'll be able to ignore it's life-saving message.
  • And then, think about the difference you're trying to make and the stories you can tell or the steps you can take to tap into your own heart and the hearts of others you need to follow your lead...


Or Click Here to Watch Video on YouTube...

Make a Difference,


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Thanks to my friend Mark Sturgell for sharing the link to Embrace Life commercial...

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