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Never give in. Never give in. Never. Never. Never...

by Brian McDermott on 10/27/14

Lauren Hill is chasing a dream -- under the most dire circumstances. As CBS' Steve Hartman says, she is literally living for basketball, hoping she can hold off terminal brain cancer long enough to play in her first college basketball game. And in sharing her story she's breaking hearts and lifting hopes. Hartman calls her a new American Super Hero. Watch this 3-minute video. I think you will agree.

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  • Lauren's favorite charity: The Cure Starts Now (Curing Cancer, One child at a Time).
  • To purchase a Rally Towel to support Lauren: Never Give Up (custom designed by Lauren).
Please share this video and message, and consider making a donation to support Lauren Hill's other dream: to help save the lives of other kids fighting brain cancer.

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