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Score One for Friendship...

by Brian McDermott on 01/27/14

This sad but uplifting kids-and-sports-and-cancer story sent me looking for a quote I had included in Time Out for Leaders, a book I co-authored with a thoughtful man who died very young, Don Luce. The quote was from Don:

"Do not allow the love for what you do to step in the way of your love for other people. The people you love will not always be in your life."

In reflecting on that quote I wrote: "Seldom is love listed as one of the values that leaders must live in order to be effective. Maybe this is because it is possible to be effective while ignoring love. We put in long hours. We handle crises. We get things done. We care about the work. We have so many things to do that it's easy to lose track of the role love plays in our personal and professional lives.

"People move; they grow; they die. Enjoy them while you can. Love them unconditionally, remembering that their faults are equaled by your own. Let others into your life, and hold them there. Cherish them, and they will cherish you. Love adds the extra dimension of life that makes everything we do worthwhile and a  little more meaningful. Including work."

The advice I offered when writing that section of the book: "Call, visit, or make a date to get together with a couple of people you've been meaning to contact. Find some small ways to let them know how important they are to you."

My suggestion today: Watch this 3-minute video about Josh Rominger. It's an inspiring reminder about the enduring gift of love and friendship. In this case, the extra dimension is a magical moment in a kid's life. One YouTube commenter said, "I am not sure where you go when you die, but somebody stayed to play one more game!"

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You can read  the introduction to Time Out for Leaders here. It's focused on the inspiration I found co-authoring with Don Luce after his death.

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