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The Power in Thinking about Why Do You Do What You Do...

by Brian McDermott on 08/04/16

The idea of purpose driving performance has been showing up frequently and with renewed potency recently in the facilitation work I do . I have long referred to the Simon Sinek TEDTalk video outlining his "golden circle" as an inspiring resource. The Michael Jr. video is a new and equally inspiring discovery for me.

The Sinek video speaks to the head. The Michael Jr. to the heart. Together, in about 10 minutes, they make a compelling case for making time to ask the question, Why do I do what I do?, before getting too swept up in figuring out how to do what you do.

You can find the Amazing Grace video here on Michael Jr.s' YouTube Channel...

(Email Subscribers Watch Here)

Michael Jr. (YouTube Channel)

(Email Subscribers Watch Here)

Simon Sinek (Start with Why website)

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