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We Are the Economy... Buycott to Make Things Better

by Brian McDermott on 12/02/11

Carrotmob.org is a little idea with big ambitions -- to change the way the world does business. Considering that our economic and political climate is such a mess, the conditions may be perfect for this elegant notion to occupy the minds of people and groups who want to make a difference.

The 9-minute video does an excellent job of showing how the idea works. The brand new Carrotmob website documents success stories about 175 campaigns by people all over the world.

Brent Schulkin, the founder of Carrotmob, explains the idea behind Carrotmob this way in a Blog article he addresses to the Occupy wall Street folks: "We invite businesses to take whatever socially beneficial actions we want. If they agree to do what we want, we reward them by spending money at their business. It’s the opposite of a boycott.

Carrotmob is taking grassroot. Check it out.

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1. James Rynne said on 12/7/11 - 06:03PM
Very inspiring!

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