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Working on Purpose Is the Magic of Success...

by Brian McDermott on 07/06/11

I first posted a link to this video in 2010. I watched it again today, thinking about making it assigned viewing for a board of directors I'll be working with later this month. I was struck three years ago, and I am inspired again today by the pertinence of the message... People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it...

The video is TED's standard 18 minutes long. It's persuasive. I came away with a page of notes and a new clarity about why we do business at GrowthWorks the way we do -- because we really believe in the need to raise the value placed on the people side of the equation for business success.

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1. Sheila Krejci said on 7/7/11 - 12:21PM
Wow! Don't know if I have as many notes on my page as you Brian but that was incredible! As I continue to ponder what my business(s) ARE and how the are related, I sometimes forget to reaffirm WHY I do what I do. Thanks for the 'slap on the forehead!'

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