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The overall objective is to help clients build on successes and strengths as a leader and help them identify, develop, and implement the skills, mindset, behaviors and action steps necessary for next-level success.

  • Situation Assessment: Interview the coaching client’s boss, direct reports, peers, and other appropriate stakeholders to get insights about the client’s work performance, leadership and communication style and skills, and job requirements and priorities.

  • Collaborative Plan Development: Compile the confidential and anonymous responses into a summary Development Plan, focused on: (1) The client’s leadership strengths; (2) Key opportunities for change, development, and improvement; and (3) Business priorities to which the development should be tied. Agree upon a focused Development Plan and measures by which progress in leadership development and business priorities can be evaluated.

  • Ongoing Coaching and Consulting: Schedule regular coaching sessions, including check-in with the client’s boss where appropriate, and provide phone and email support for three to six months.

The GrowthWorks Coaching Process...