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Our Design and Facilitation Philosophy

Although we’ve never done any two projects the same way, we do use a consistent approach in our planning, design, and facilitation.

We begin by being clear about the outcomes our client is after, and then we plan with four guiding principles in mind. To reach our clients’ objectives we help:

  • Create clarity and alignment about goals and roles, and engender a deep sense ownership and commitment for dealing with the opportunities and challenges, and achieving their agreed-upon objectives.
  • Identify what’s getting in the way of achieving critical objectives.
  • Generate and evaluate ideas for creative and practical change, improvement, and innovation – challenging assumptions and practices and to develop and implement new practices.
  • Build specific personal and team action plans, and lock in commitments and accountability for implementing those innovations, changes, improvements, and solutions.

Our process acknowledges and values the wisdom the people in the organization bring to their work. We involve and engage people in ways that encourage them to participate energetically in generating ideas and commitments related to specific challenges and opportunities.

Our overriding goal is to help leaders and teams deal with problems, opportunities and challenges in new, productive ways. We provide useful skills, tools, and insights related to leadership, creativity, innovation, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork.

Our success in helping teams and organizations effectively and efficiently address high-priority challenges and opportunities evolves from our ability to engage people in effective brainstorming, dialogue, and collaboration. As “outsiders” with expertise in facilitating group process and in innovation and creativity we’re able to help people have breakthrough discussions, overcome obstacles, and reach conclusions in ways that rarely happen when groups go it alone.

We use a compressed and disciplined approach for preparing, designing, and facilitating change-focused projects.

Clarify the Scope, Goals, and Objectives

The first step we take is to get clear about the desired outcomes. To plan effectively we need to understand specifically what has to be accomplished in the designated timeframe to fully satisfy the client’s needs. We often find that one of the most important outcomes of our work happens in this preparation stage. Our efforts to get clear often help clients sharpen their focus on which questions, challenges, and opportunities are the right ones to pursue. As we move ahead with our analysis and planning we continually clarify and refine goals and objectives.

Assess and Analyze the Current Situation
The next step is to review all appropriate materials and to talk with key stakeholders and/or participants in the process. The purpose is to learn enough about the situation to design a process uniquely suited to achieve the desired outcomes. We’ll have questions about the current strategies, tactics, perspectives of the stakeholders, potential obstacles to a successful change or innovation process, influences in the marketplace, and other business and cultural factors that will become clearer as we proceed. We confirm our analysis with the client and then, as appropriate, make direct contact with other stakeholder groups and/or participants.

Design and Approve Process and Plan
The next step is to create a detailed plan, based on having refined and reconfirmed the goals and objectives. We review this plan with the client for final changes that may be needed. The main objective is to match the desired outcomes with the timeframe and stakeholders involved.

Facilitate and Implement Processes and Summarize the Outcomes
We then facilitate and implement processes, and document key outcomes, decisions and other ideas and information generated.

Our Preparation and Design Process