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"Brian and Gerry have helped us on a journey... In the time we have worked with them we have tripled in sales, staffing, and operational capacity."

Sean Doyle | General Manager | Seward Co-op

STRATEGIC PLANNING | Our Design and Facilitation Philosophy...

We’ve never done any two projects the same way, but we do use a consistently effective approach in our planning, design, and facilitation.

We begin by helping clients get absolutely clear about the desired outcomes, and then plan with four guiding principles in mind. To reach our clients’ objectives we help organizations:

  • Create clarity and alignment about goals and roles -- to engender ownership and commitment for dealing with opportunities and challenges and achieving agreed-upon objectives.

  • Identify what’s getting in the way of achieving critical leadership and business objectives.

  • Generate and evaluate ideas for creative and practical change, improvement, and innovation – building a willingness and a way to safely challenge current assumptions and practices.

  • Build specific personal and team action plans, and lock in commitments and accountability for implementing those innovations, changes, and improvements.

The process you go through to create your strategic plan is more important than the words you put on paper to describe it

Strategic planning is not an event
It is a way of doing business

"Engage your team in creating your strategic plan and they will come together around making it really happen"